Sales Letter Templates For Selling Services to Firms

This sales letter template is very effective if you’re selling your goods or services to other companies. Even though the fundamentals between selling directly . selling to companies are exactly the same, that there are subtle differences you have to know about.

You will discover in this sales letter template which parenthesizes look frequently. When you see one that you may wish to add a particular reference that is related to the kind of services that you provide or a particular problem your target market faces. This will let you utilize this template to quickly and easily create a sales letter or advertising email that’ll get you more new business. Here’s the sales letter template.

Dear (prospective customer); Throughout lunch the other day a customer asked an intriguing question, “Why would you company always achieve outstanding results-and others don’t ?”

It has been our experience that the answer hinges (what kinds of variables). While on the surface this might seem deceptively simple, (implementing these kinds of options) is anything but simplistic Study in China.

If there’s 1 thing we have discovered at the (few years you’ve been in company) of (briefly describe your principal support) is that (briefly explain the critical elements which result from the difference between failure and success) becomes the important gap between those organizations that achieve exceptional benefits and the ones who don’t.

That is why I believed our most recent book (title of the free report or article) could be of interest for you. It reviews an extremely customizable procedure for (reaching a particular outcome). The report is completely free and you may ask for a copy by simply providing us a call (your telephone number) or by visiting our site (your web site address).

At (your business name) we concentrate on a particular mission: To (attain what sorts of main results). With over (number) years of expertise working with customers across the complete spectrum of businesses, we’re highly respected for our expertise and achievements in the fields of (key regions you operate in).

I am confident you’ll see the report to be useful, and maybe it will provoke an eye on your part to find out more about how we could be of help to you. Regardless, I think you’ll find (title of the free report) to be beneficial reading.

You can ask for your own free copy by giving us a call or via our site. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards (title, title, business)

This letter may also be used quite effectively as an email address. When applying this template be certain you incorporate a complete site address so readers may click on it to get the free report or post.

The secret to writing sales letters from the business to business market is to embrace a tone that’s both professional and personal. If you accomplish this and add specific references to the kinds of issues your business solves, this correspondence must bring about a high number of prospects expressing interest in your solutions.